I often include more than one horizon. I break the composition [for] a change of state, in a way—a promise of something beyond the painting. — Marina Perez Simão

Marina Simão’s working process is based fundamentally on the accumulation and juxtaposition of memories and images. By combining personal experiences and multiple references stemming from fields such as philosophy, literature and journalism, the artist collects certain narratives in order to edit them through pictorial means that do not belong to any predefined language; rather, they develop within an organic practice, which combines thematic density and a delicate treatment.

Simão uses a variety of techniques, such as collage, drawing and oil painting, as starting points in order to marry interior and exterior landscapes, she composes visual journeys that sometimes traverse the unknown, the abstract and the nebulous, but also include visions and memories. Simao's work leads us into territories in which we are confronted with that which is ungraspable, with that elusive and unspeakable instant that poets strive so hard to capture with their words.

Marina Perez Simão
 (1980,Vitória) lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

Her recent selected exhibitions include Marina Perez Simão: Watercolors, Cahiers d’Art, Paris, France; Onda, Pace, London (2022); 5 pinturasMendes Wood DM, São Paulo (2022); ObservatorySifang Art Museum, Jiangsu (2021); Sonia Gomes & Marina Perez SimãoPace, East Hampton (2020); Éveils Maritimes, Mendes Wood DM, Brussels (2020); Landscapes of the South, Mendes Wood DM New York (2020); Veredas, Mendes Wood DM São Paulo (2019); Our dog-eyesMendes Wood DM, São Paulo (2018); MiniatureEmbassy of Brazil, Rome (2016).
Selected Artworks

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