Marina Perez Simão at Villa Era Marina Perez Simão


Mendes Wood DM is proud to announce its third cycle of exhibitions at Villa Era, a historic 19th-century house and estate in the Italian countryside, between Milan and Turin, with a solo presentation by Marina Perez Simão.

A new body of oil works, painted on linen, will be presented across the two main floors of the historic country house, interacting with the architecture of the venue and poetically echoing the landscapes of the Italian countryside.

To complement the exhibition, the gallery is excited to present a new monograph, published by Circle Books, which will be unveiled on the occasion of the vernissage, on Saturday 1st July, in the presence of the artist. This stunning clothbound volume guides the reader through her riotously colorful visual landscapes, a heady and immersive mix of abstraction and figuration, of landscapes, visions and memories. It includes contributions by Diana Campbell and Osman Can Yerebakan.

“Marina Perez Simão’s work shatters earthbound limits and sets us adrift on a voyage into universes of ambivalence, where everything floats, freed from the weight of memory and any perceived need to make a judgement or decide... In a world where we are supposed to know everything through the touch of a screen, the artist tries to conjure the wonder and awe that comes with experiencing a sense of being that was previously unthinkable. Her paintings open up possibilities for new states of matter beyond known solids, liquids, gases and plasmas.”< — Diana Campbell

“Daydreaming, wanderlust and nostalgia – indulgences of a mind that yearns for the immaterial over the visible – morph into zigzags, circles, lines and curls. Simão renders them in thick brushstrokes, not leaving their diligent marks to chance. Serpentine indications of her hand’s travels over the surface are nearly performative. The artist may be absent now that the paintings rest on walls, but Simão’s presence lives on unmistakably through her impressions.” — Osman Can Yerebakan

Installation Views