Antônio Obá
Ana Maria Maia e Yuri Quevedo, 2023

Published by Pinacoteca de São Paulo.

The Antonio Obá exhibition examines the trajectory of the artist who, over a twenty-year career, has disseminated his works in public and private collections in Brazil and abroad. His work is based on three important pillars that guide the narrative of the exhibition: the remembrance of historical events, the attribution of new meanings to these episodes, and the educational process.


The exhibition features a set of paintings with themes focused on childhood and a unique installation (Revoada), conceived within the context of the museum—the Pinacoteca was originally founded as a school. The artwork consists of 200 pairs of children's hands molded in resin during workshops offered by the artist at the July 9 Occupation (Movimento Sem Teto do Centro), in two private schools, and at the Pina Contemporânea studio.
In addition to the installation, 20 paintings are organized around the theme of childhood and a vertical movement, which is highly present in Obá's work. As he revisits moments in history, the artist inscribes tragedy and violence into a mythical time, transforming historical figures into entities, archetypes that can reconsider their place in history.
Childhood in "Antônio Obá" is not naïve. The children-characters in the artist's work are agents of their time, conscious and capable of transforming the world.