The Brazilian Trace / A Riscadura Brasileira

Rubem Valentim
Giulio Carlo Argan, Claudia Fazzolari, Cristiano Raimondi, Daniel Rangel, Rubem Valentim, 2022

Published by Mousse Publishing.

16.5 x 23.5 cm
164 pages.
ISBN: 978-88-6749-566-5

Published on the occasion of the exhibition The Brazilian Trace. A Riscadura Brasileira, this catalogue documents the long career of Rubem Valentim. In 1965, Rubem Valentim presented his first solo exhibition outside Brazil in Rome at Palazzo Pamphilj. Fifty-seven years later, Palazzo Pamphilj hosts a new anthological show celebrating the artist's centenary in a city, country, and continent that was crucial for his career: he was one of the first Afro-Brazilians to achieve an international profile in the arts.

The publication retraces his most significant milestone thanks to the precious contributions of Cristiano Raimondi and Daniel Rangel, curators of the exhibitions, and the extended chronology written by Claudia Fazzolari. A text remarks on the pillar figure that Valentim had in the Afro-Brazilian art by Giulio Carlo Argan. The catalogue is widely illustrated with archival documentation and artwork images. Particular attention has been dedicated to the paintings from the so-called "Rome phase." A special booklet of photographs made by the artist himself during his permanence in the Italian capital accompanies the publication.