Romanian Contemporary Art 2010–2020: Rethinking the Image of the World: Projects and Sketches

Contemporary art is more than just simple contemporaneity. It is a new way of seeing and making things seen. The radical change that helped to reinvent Romanian art in the past decade is committed to this idea. This is not only thanks to established artists who have opened up new means of expression. It is mainly driven by a generation of young Romanian artists who no longer have the direct experience of living and working under communism. Their works articulate a sense of life today, along with its own perception and discourse. One major theme for these artists is the power of technologically communicated images to control and construct reality and the experience of society. This magnificently illustrated volume picks up on this idea in order to present twenty-nine of the most innovative artists and their haunting, fascinating works of art.

Ed. Adrian Bojenoiu, Cristian Nae, text(s) by Adrian Bojenoiu, Iara Boubnova, Sabin Bors, Carmen Casiuc, Ionut Cioana, Liviana Dan, Caroline Dumalin, Catalin Gheorghe, Bogdan Ghiu, Jesi Khadivi, Anca Verona Mihulet, Cristian Nae, Daniel Ricardo Quiles, Magda Radu, Raluca Voinea, graphic design by Timo Grimberg

23.90 × 30.40 cm
208 pages, 180 illustrations.
ISBN 978-3-7757-4651-9

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