Report (not Announcement)
Revolver, 2006

Texts by Francis Als, Tobias Berger, Mariana Castillo Deball and Daniela Franco

"The local price of a cheeseburger, medium Coke and French fries is the quickest way to estimate the cost of living in each country," writes artist Francis Als in Report (Not Announcement). "There's always everything has been done and nothing has been tried at the same time," writes Karl Holmqvist. Both observations are part of this intriguing book by artists, curators, and critics reflecting on traveling in many ways: their own ontological states of leaving and arriving from the zone of transition, non-belonging, and suspension, exploring what international cultural practitioners lose and gain in their constant travels. A project by BAK (basis voor actuele kunst) in collaboration with e-flux (electronic flux corporation). With contributions by Francis Als, Tobias Berger, Mariana Castillo Deball & Daniela Franco, Jeremiah Day, Liam Gillick, Marina Grzinic, Mika Hannula, Hou Hanru, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jens Hoffmann, Karl Holmqvist, Hans Ulrich Obrist & Philippe Parreno, Raqs Media Collective, Martha Rosler, Kuang-Yu Tsui, Haegue Yang, and many others.

208 pages
17.5 x 11 cm
ISBN: 978-3865882844

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