Lenz Press, 2022
Design by Studio Temp

Texts by Catalina Lozano, Paloma Bosquê and Fernanda Brenner

Paloma Bosquê’s work unfolds from an investigation of the materiality as a way to question the dominance of the visual in the apprehension and definition of reality. By challenging the Western definitions of animate and the inanimate, her sculptures and installations take materiality a channel to access a dimension beyond language or where things cannot yet be named. By assembling a myriad of materials, Bosquê presents bodies not as isolated entities but as permeable and moving matter, continuously transforming each other, establishing and revoking connections within and beyond the realm of the visible. Over the past few years, her sculptural practice has been accompanied by a textual production presented for the first time in this publication, together with an extensive overview of works spanning the last decade, an essay by Catalina Lozano, and a conversation with Fernanda Brenner. “In between senses and matter,” writes the artist, “lies a tension which holds things together. Within this gap I build a shelter.”

17 x 23.5 cm
200 pages
ISBN 979-12-80579-18-8

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