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19/11 2022 – 28/01 2023

My friend Scott introduced me to Irakli and Dea. He met them at a party in Tbilisi and they told him they were moving to NYC.

I needed someone helping me to move some of my paintings from my house to a new studio I just rented and Scott gave me Irakli’s contact. When he came to my house, we started packing right away. We put all the works in the car and together with my dog drove to the studio.

Irakli liked my dog and my dog liked Irakli.

Dea came to pick up Irakli after we finished the move, she had to go to some casting in the city and after that they were going to a concert.

Dea liked my dog and my dog liked Dea.

They looked so good together, young, elegant and gentle.

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