Vegetable Teratology Colouring Book
Nina Canell and Robin Watkins
K. Verlag, 2019

Based on Maxwell T. 'Master's Vegetable Teratology: An Account of the Principal Deviations from the Usual Construction of Plants' (1869), this coloring book examines the morphological potential of vegetables and fruits, plants and flowers. It gathers a selection of full-page botanical illustrations, a glossary, and a short text by Robin Watkins. The historical images once served to outline notions of what was to be considered acceptable growth behavior; now they take on a new role by subtly embracing the aberration of form in its various colorations and questioning what is normal about normalcy.

76 pages
28 x 21 cm
64 b/w illustrations
Softcover, green wire-bound
ISBN 978-3-947858-11-8

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