Paulo Monteiro
Cosac Naify, 2009

Paulo Monteiro stands out from the set of artists from the so-called 1980s Generation as a reference of the best of contemporary Brazilian art. With a body of work that spans painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and relief, his poetics contrast the tension between structuring gestures and a resistance to the definition of forms. 

Produced in a partnership between Cosac Naify and Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, this book depicts the artist's 25-year career through critical texts by Alberto Tassinari, Paulo Venancio Filho, Taísa Palhares and Rodrigo Andrade. 

The edition also includes a timeline accompanying his main exhibitions and works of art, and features the artist's most representative works in 12 illustrated pages, from his earliest efforts to his most recent pieces.

28,4 × 24,4 cm
216 pages
ISBN: 978-85-7503-762-1