Celso Renato
Cosac Naify, 2005

The first monograph on Minas Gerais artist Celso Renato (1919–1992), whose work first earned him recognition in the 1960s. His painting establishes an intense dialogue with wood supports, often fragmented by reused objects which are harmoniously integrated into his abstract figuration. 

Critic Olívio Tavares de Araújo, who accompanied a substantial part of the painter's career, links him with the abstract tradition of Kandinsky. The bilingual (Portuguese-English) edition is more than just a summary of the artist's life, though it does follow a chronological narrative.  

Celso Renato's trajectory, recreated in large part thanks to a series of interviews with his daughter Maria Celina, preserves a colloquial character in the text, illustrated by dozens of photos of him with family and friends. A color notebook features reproductions of his most important works of art.

Portuguese and English
18 × 24 cm
256 pages
ISBN: 85-7503-417-0