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23/02 – 25/03 2018

Mendes Wood DM is pleased to present rivieras___bags___scarves___alps, the third individual exhibition of the Brazilian artist f.marquespenteado at the gallery. The artist invites the visitors on a journey to a distant place, of an old-fashion glamour, Rivieras and Alps, casinos, fiscal and touristic paradises. In his new series made from bags and scarves, the artist investigates the conterminous tension between consuming and collecting in a time of excess and incongruence. His works refer to artisanal techniques and craft work as embroidery, painting and textile collage, all understood most often as small works of art of a feminine tradition.

Along researching the origin of the production means in different chains and reasons, f.marquespenteado proposes observation on the theme and its contradictions. Furthermore, beyond aesthetic reasons, the artist exposes the relation among the lack of meaning in the consuming experience, be it of manufactured goods, intellectual property or socially accepted codes and customs.

The artist said:

The word object must always be read as plural. Objects are born from contrasting geographic origins, of manufacturing unique secrets and always present complex and varied designs worldwide. Therefore from one person to another, objects are put into service by their own creator in different ways. Societies serve themselves from the crops that are locally harvested; this crop becomes defining of their culture and their objects, and in turn holds the matrix of different natures that thrive in its lands and in the soul of the population. Ownership of these local objects, therefore, becomes a feature and the currency within the society.

Our taste for eccentricity has always fed our primordial gesture for commerce; without this, we would not be humans, since our experiential, relational, emotional and carnal interdependency is our most important essence as human beings. However, this same trade force has created delusions and excesses and unstoppable desires of consuming. The assets and our own well-being, to which we all end up aspiring, have amounted to thoughtless mass-production and excessive disposal.

Furthermore, we have stopped admiring existing objects that surround us; we have stopped granting them merit, beauty and the refinement that they deserve, which lies in their simplicity and economy and in their singular designs and exquisite execution. And for these existing objects, their misfortune lies in the fact that taste has been over imposed in the modern occidental world. Taste parades within iconic scenarios and vanities, which are viewed among banal objects such as ski equipment, beach “looks” as well as opulent and vacuous scenarios with drinks and sunsets. In the midst of all this, few people can discern a place in themselves, their personal registry, and their interior culture.

f.marquespenteado (1955, São Paulo) lives and works in Porto, Portugal.
His individual show include Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?, Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles (2017); Unknown Subjects Among Solitaires, Galeria Múrias Centeno, Lisbon (2016); Sentido Figurado, A CASA, Museu do Objeto Brasileiro, São Paulo (2014).
His works have also been included in collective shows such as Lyric on Battlefield, Gladstone Gallery, New York (2017); Unorthodox, Jewish Museum, New York (2015); 30a. Bienal de São Paulo, São Paulo (2012).

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