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Notícias de América

12/05 2012 – 16/06 2012

After a journey of several thousand miles through more than 15 countries in the Americas, Paulo Nazareth returns to Brazil to present Noticias de America [News from the Americas]. Nazareth left Minas Gerais, Brazil in March of 2011 and made his way northward on foot and by bus, arriving inthe United States in October of last year. In December, before beginning the voyage back, Nazareth presented Banana Market / Art Market at Art Basel Miami Beach, marking the halfway point between North and South America.

Notícias de América is the result of a year’s elaboration of a living body of work concerned withthe web of human affairs and the social and personal ties that exist from household to household, village to village, and city to city on both sides of the Rio Grande. Through documented performances, social sculptures, drawings and biographical portraits in video and film, Nazareth reveals an unseen vision of the Americas – uncovering a plurality of overlapping Americas and a profusion of ways of being. In a practice without preconceived strategies or formulas, Nazareth relies on the immediacy of life itself to create an impression of the overall shape of experience and being.

Throughout the work, simple but poignant gestures are used to evoke personal and historical memory and to observe social, political and economic inequalities present throughout the Americas. In Noticias de America, the artist blends notions of social justice and peaceful resistance with a dose of the absurd – flowing between solemn contemplation and the light-hearted joy of being alive.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a launch of Paulo Nazareth, ArteContemporânea/LTDA a new publication by Cobogo publishing house.

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