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Meditação, Transe

27/08 2011 – 24/09 2011

Mendes Wood DM is pleased to present the group show Meditation, Trance curated by Marcio Harum and Pedro Mendes opening this Saturday, August 27th. The show brings the works of artists Adriano Costa, Bas Jan Ader, Claudia Andujar, Deyson Gilbert, Jen DeNike, Hudinilson Jr., John Mawurndjul, Kim Jones, Luis Gispert, Maya Deren, Mona Hatoum, Paulo Nazareth, Pierre Verger, Rivane Neuenschwaner, Ryan Mcnamara, Shaun Gladwell, Sonia Gomes, and Terence Koh.

Curators Harum and Mendes write, “The concentration necessary to empty the mind is one which engenders a perspective free of historical entails. The reflective or meditative exercise of extreme concentration gives primacy to experience as opposed to formalist preoccupations. Meditation, Trance brings together works that make use of the absence of matter as a means to achieve a sort of transcendental expression – one which approximates the purity of insight attained in states of trance or meditation. The works brought together here insist on the locus of the body and its gestures as opposed to medium (painting, photography, etc.), and in this way are recollective of ritual or dance practice; each has a quality of apparition, of the real seen-through, of revelation – fantastical yet consistent with the viewer’s own desires and uncertainties. In this way Meditation, Trance posits the ontological and the mysterious as the essence of art.”

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