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23/02 – 25/03 2018

Trevor Shimizu:
Hi Ken, I am writing about our upcoming show together. It is our first show since 2012, HOT. Five years ago. What have you been up to since then?
Ken Kagami:
It's been five years since the HOT exhibition! I feel as though time has passed so quickly. My daughter has grown since then - now she is an elementary school student.
Trevor Shimizu:
That's amazing. Are things much different?
Ken Kagami:
I just seem to be getting old. Regarding my work, I think that my work is becoming simpler than before; Also the work has become more refined visually, my thinking towards making art and how this is structured has become more simple. I guess nobody notices…
Trevor Shimizu:
What are you going to show?
Ken Kagami:
For our show, I am thinking to mix several different recent bodies of work. First off, there is a series of contemporary art mentor comedies and also a missing series which references commonly seen posters hanging throughout the city; only, the lost things featured in my work are impossible to lose; for example, missing anal...
I am also making a series of sculpture/text based works which say, for example, If you see a boring painting, please throw it away in this trash can (this written on a real trash can) or If you see a boring sculpture, please break it with this hammer (written on a real hammer). These are all cynical works... I especially like a new work made with a pillow which says, please use this pillow as a sales tool. I hope I can create a successful mix for this exhibition.
Trevor Shimizu:
I'm not sure what I'm showing. Maybe Late Work, Groupies, or Farts. Maybe all of them. They're all erotic somehow. The Late Works are supposedly painted by a future self - a heterosexual male who's passion is the nude female form. The Fart painting I'm thinking of showing depicts a man and a woman in bed, farting, laughing, enjoying each other's farts. The Groupies are a new series of spam Instagram profiles that recently followed me. I'm calling them Groupies because their profiles use sexual imagery and language. They also disappear after a day or so.
Trevor Shimizu:
What is your favorite movie?
Ken Kagami:
My favorite movie is Dawn of the Dead.

Ken Kagami (Tokyo, 1974) lives and works in Tokyo.
His works have been featured prominently in exhibitions such as: comedie concrète, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (2015); Green, What Pipeline, Detroit (2015); Bronze works 2013-2014, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (2014); 19516 kilometers from Milwaukee or 12126 miles, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (2013); THE FUTURE IS STUPID, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee (2013).

Trevor Shimizu (California, 1978) lives and works in Long Island.
His works have been featured prominently in exhibitions such as: Trying To Be A Good Person, Rowhouse Project, Baltimore (2015); We Are All Cats, Karma International, Zurich (2015); comedie concrète, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (2015); Again, 47 Canal, New York (2014); Actor, The Vanity East, Los Angeles (2014); Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2014); Post, Kunsthal, Charlottenborg, (2013); Romantic, Chrisitine Mayer, Munich (2013); Hot, MISAKO & ROSEN (2012).