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09/02 – 20/03 2019

Mendes Wood DM São Paulo is pleased to present the group show February, with the artist Camile Sproesser, Gokula Stoffel and Thomaz Rosa. Through painting in their different formalizations and researches, the artists express their deepening about the perennial issues of their time. Away from the ambition to rationalize or delineate contemporaneity, the production of these young artists is first and foremost a record of their own making inconsonance with the spectrum of their personality.

Understanding three elementary moments of the painting in art history such as landscape, portraiture and still life, Gokula Stoffel's research cuts out these elements and distorts them to translucent colors and textures. Her routine in the painting practice turns the canvas into an enigmatic object that questions the surrounding space and ignores the academic and structural processes of art. Her landscapes appear in various medium and materials, such as glass, nets, wool, ribbons, aluminum sheets, investing in experiments in a way that the work itself does not propose a limit. This irreverence in the painting is what appears also in the work of Tomaz Rosa.

Rosa suspends the possible readings about the world paying with references to the artists of the 80s in São Paulo. Thus, reflects on the painting as an object of observation in a discussion about imitation and copy, while exploring the possibilities of the romantic gesture. The themes and propositions in Rosa's painting suggest that space can’t be seen only from the outside, understanding the visual field as something that is around, not just ahead. His abstractions suggest an immersion of those who see the painting, providing a narrative free of rules and contexts, reinforcing what Camile Sproesser presents in the West Room of the gallery.

Sproesser explores the power of colors, which has as its ally a very particular composition, brushstrokes that mark a trace and a volume of paint that attracts the viewer’s eyes. Characters, animals, words and various elements dialogue in the midst of a game of experimentation that sometimes borders on the playful gaze but in opposition to this opens up in a vein through which flows a force who cames mainly in the narrative of the feminine in variations on the confrontation of the political game and the pitfalls of present and the future. Sproesser establishes her pictorial space through a sometimes eccentric palette that reverberates in a set in flavorful narratives permeated by fluorescent colors and a unique world. What time is clearly assumed in a fraction is loaded with provocative possibilities that suggest the doubts about what you have and what you see.

The effort of the painting nowadays is the very multiplication of systems that break their connection to the superficiality of the object, whether these systems are figurative or not, whether they create new materials or reinvent old ones. The movement of reunion with its own foundation makes the production of these artists coherent with each other.

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