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14/04 2012 – 05/05 2012

Bitácora by Leticia Ramos brings together her production of the last two years, spanning her interests in the adventure of imagination, the geographic novel and science fiction. Her deeply meaningful notebook and notes on her Circumnavigation of the Artic Circle are both on display in this individual exhibition.

The show features three sets of work: Polaroid pictures, amplifications (quasi-paintings) and artifacts (studies of barometric wind charts of the expedition, notebooks, remains and evidence of the field trip), as well as videos.

Under the supernatural influence of the low Northern Lights, the high incidence of blues and greens in the landscapes, her cameras spontaneously inclined, creating effects of Sci-Fi super 8 photohraphy. The explorer’s figure, which never appears, is shown to the viewer only through impressions of imagetic remains. In making contact with the descriptions of nature expressed by Jules Verne’s Captain Hatteras in his trip to the North Pole, a feeling of a new beginning for the world arises from he assemblage of these expanses.

What is seen in the distance are the material relics and testimonies walled between past and future, an escape from the predictable polar white: the colors of precipitation of the Arctic. One can understand the principle of such chromatic distortion when we look at the chemical reactions of the wind caused by differences of high and low pressure and the white, warm and cold air masses of the clouds (water vapor).

For this exhibition the artist worked with repetition scales in blocks, between large and small movements;they seem different but they are confined to the same split second of the frames. Ideally, it seems that Leticia Ramos seeks an impossible synthesis to be acheived – to have only one scene, as if she were trying to establish a new place through a single image. Through this, one can discover the organi abd-etymological origin of a new, imagined continent; its historical time, and its advance.

The stone mark,
The stone dominion,
The stone image,
The map that is a stone.

In Bitácora, above all, we are given the confidence to believe in the images shown aside from the optical devices themselves (and not how images are usually edited in order for them to be presented).

– Marcio Harum

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