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Área, alcance, domínio, esfera.

04/10 2011 – 12/11 2011

Mendes Wood DM is pleased to present Área, alcance, domínio, esfera. (Area, range, domain, sphere.), the second solo exhibition of Brazilian artist Ana Dias Batista in the gallery, on view from October 4 to November 12, 2011. The show combines a set of apparently heterogeneous works, which converge in dialogues with the exhibition space they occupy. At times more centered on the peculiarity of their architecture, with references to the triangular floor plan and transparency of the façade, at times suggesting fictional uses and re-appropriations.

These dialogues point to different places, but they meet each in the same places that give the exhibition its name: Área, alcance, domínio, esfera – Area, Reach, Domain, Sphere. The pieces relate to one another by extension of meaning, much in the same way a single entry in the dictionary can have severeal different meanings. A square made of glass; the negative space of a flight of stairs, removed from the wall; a gigantic shirt pocket, protruding slightly; and a moon, carved in wood, weighing against the floor.

Ana Dias Batista was born in São Paulo. She has an BA and MFA from Escola de Comunicação e Artes of the Universidade de São Paulo – ECA-USP (Escola de Comunicação e Artes – Universidade São Paulo/Brazil). She has participated in collective exhibitions at Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo – MAM-SP, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Oca, Paço das Artes, Casa das Rosas and Funarte.

She starred solo exhibitions at the Estação Pinacoteca, Centro Universitário Maria Antônia, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Galeria Adriana Penteado, all in Sao Paulo; and Museu de Arte da Pampulha, in Belo Horizonte, where she lived as the award of the 2005 edition of the Pampulha Grant. In 2002 she held the Plano Copan, with Rodrigo Matheus and Eurico Lopes, and participated in the SãoPaulo S.A./Situação #1, curated by Catherine David. In 2007, with Laura Andreato and João Loureiro, she held the show Vistosa in a warehouse in Barra Funda, São Paulo, as a result of the Prêmio Conexão Artes Visuais prize Funarte. In 2009, she received an award from the Programa de Ação Cultural da Secretaria de Estado da Cultura de São Paulo. Her work is in the collection of the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo – MAM-SP.

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