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Mendes Wood DM Brussels is pleased to present In the Sun and the Shade, the first solo exhibition in Europe by Brazilian artist Solange Pessoa. Using the gallery space in its entirety, the exhibition will showcase the diversity of Pessoa’s œuvre. The show will include biomorphic ceramic figures shrouded in organic matter such as hair, leather and moss as well as a series of paintings realized with the use of genipap, a tropical fruit which is also commonly used for body painting among indigenous peoples in South America. Pessoa will also present a long-conceived large-scale installation, which is made from bronze and adorned with fruit.

The title In the Sun and the Shade is inspired by the poetry of Brazilian writer Paulo Mendes Campos. Pessoa uses this title to make reference to the stylistic dualities that are evoked through her work; life and death, darkness and light – the exhibition asks the viewer to ponder the erratic path of life through a harmonious union of antinomic terms.