Neil Beloufa, Kunstmuseum Laren, Laren, 2018">
Neïl Beloufa, May You Live In Interesting Times, 58th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia 2019
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Neil Beloufa, Kunstmuseum Laren, Laren, 2018" data-id="4352" data-src="">

The multi-layered practice of French-Algerian artist, Neïl Beloufa occupies the space between various dichotomies. Reality and fiction, cause and effect, presence and absence are the polarities between which the artist’s work begins to take form. Developing his reflection on these by combining various media, including sculpture, video and painting into single installations, Beloufa masterly manages to deconstruct our contemporary systems of belief by moving between the real and the imaginative.

Situating himself between these polarities, Beloufa’s practice is deeply reflective. Examining established structures of power, incidentally, those within the “creative economy”, whilst dwelling on the authority that is afforded by artists in today’s society, Beloufa eliminates his dominant role by awarding agency to actors or materials, informing one another and coexisting in installations as though they are actors and props on a set.

Rejecting the alias of sculptor, or any alignment to a particular set of practices or creative processes, Beloufa works primarily as an editor, constructing scenarios to facilitate intersections between different meanings that viewers might build independently.

Neïl Beloufa (1985, Paris) lives and works in Paris. 

The artist’s solo exhibitions include The Enemy of my Enemy, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2018); Global Agree­ment, Schirn Künsthalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt (2018); Neïl Beloufa, The Pejman Foundation, Teheran (2017); Projects 102: Neïl Beloufa, MoMA PS1, New York (2016); Counting On People, ICA, London (2014); Production Value, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2013).

His works have also been presented in institutional collective exhibitions such as 58th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, Venice (2019); Bridging the Gap, Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing (2018); Yellow Creature, Kunstmuseum Luzern, Lucerne (2017); AVATAR AND ATAVISM, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf (2015); La Biennale de Lyon, Lyon (2013); The Unicorn, Cleveland Museum of Art (2013); 55th Venice Biennale, The Encyclopedic Palace, Veneza (2013); Wiener Secession 11th Baltic Triennale, CAC, Vilnius (2012). 



Le Fresnoy‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Studio National d’Art contemporain‭, ‬France
Jury honors‭, ‬Ensba‭, ‬Beaux-Arts de Paris‭ (‬National superior school of Fine Arts‭), ‬France
Jury honors‭, ‬Ensad‭, ‬Arts Décoratifs de Paris‭ (‬National superior school of Art and Design‭), ‬France
CalArts‭, ‬California institute of the Arts‭, ‬Valencia‭, ‬USA
Cooper Union‭, ‬New York‭, ‬USA
DNAP‭, ‬Ensba‭. ‬

Solo shows

Neil Beloufa, Pirelli Hangar Bicocca SHED, Milan, Italy (forthcoming)
Neil Beloufa, Zero, Milan, Italy (forthcoming) 
The Enemy of my Enemy, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
Global Agree­ment, Schirn Künsthalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany
HYBRIDS, Lustwarande, Tilburg, The Netherlands
20xx, Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo, Brazil
Développement durable, Musée régional d'art contemporain, Sérignan, France
Neïl Beloufa, The Pejman Foundation, Tehran, Iran
Neïl Beloufa: Soft(a)ware, K11 Art Foundation, Shanghai, China
Neïl Beloufa, Projects 102: Neïl Beloufa, MoMA PS1, New York, USA
Schinkel Pavillon‭, ‬Berlin‭, Germany
Counting On People, La Casa Encendida Madrid‭, ‬Spain
Galleria Zero‭, ‬Milan‭, ‬Italy
Wilhelm Lehmbruck‭, ‬Museum‭, ‬Duisburgo‭, Germany
Counting On People‭, ‬ICA‭, ‬London‭, ‬United Kingdom 
Counting On People‭, ‬Walter Phillips Gallery‭ / ‬Banff Art Center‭, ‬Banff‭, ‬Canada
Superlatives and resolutions‭, ‬Mendes Wood‭, ‬São Paulo‭, ‬Brazil
En torrent et second Jour‭, ‬Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard‭, ‬Paris‭, France
Production Value, Hammer Museum‭, ‬Los Angeles‭, ‬USA
Speaking about the best, Francois Ghebaly Gallery‭, ‬Los Angeles‭, ‬USA
Documents Are Flat 4‭., ‬Kunstraum Innsbruck‭, ‬Innsbruck‭, ‬Austria
Les Inoubliables Prises d’Autonomie‭, ‬Palais de Tokyo‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬France‭
Audi Talent Awards‭, ‬FIAC‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬France
Functions of Light‭, ‬Balice Hertling‭ ‬&‭ ‬Lewis‭, ‬New York‭, USA
Art Basel Miami with Galleria Zero‮…‬‭, ‬USA
Topics Values‭, ‬Kunsthaus Glarus‭, ‬Glarus‭, ‬Switzerland
An Archived Causality‭, ‬Looped‭, ‬Saprophyt‭, ‬Vienna‭, ‬Austria
Les Manques Contenus‭, ‬Galerie Balice Hertling‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬France
As Far As We Know‭, ‬The Western Front‭, ‬Vancouver‭, ‬Canada
Kempinski in Stoaways‭, ‬New Museum‭, ‬Nova York‭, USA
Liste 16‭ - ‬with BaliceHertling‭, ‬Basel‭, Switzerlands
Changes Of Administrations‭, ‬Galleria Zero‮…‬‭, ‬Milan‭, ‬Italy
Frieze Art Fair‭ - ‬Frame with François Ghebaly Gallery‭, ‬London‭, ‬United Kingdom 
Art Forum Berlin‭ - ‬with Kai Middendorff Galerie‭, ‬Berlin‭, ‬Germany
Si dans le futur les machines à remonter le temps existaient‭, ‬on se le serait dit‭, ‬Biennale de Belleville‭, ‬Paris, France
Future in present tense‭, ‬Kai Middendorff galerie‭, ‬Frankfurt‭, Germany
Tectonic plate or the jurisdictions of shapes‭, ‬François Ghebaly Gallery‭, ‬Los-Angeles‭, ‬USA
L’importance des sujets‭, ‬Galerie LHK‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬France‭
Six feet under‭ - ‬Kempinski‭, ‬Whitebox‭, ‬New York‭, ‬USA

Group shows

May you live in interesting times, 58th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy 
Hybrids, Lustwarande, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Markus Ambach Projekt, Dusseldorf, Germany 
En fuyant il cherche une arme, Maison Populaire de Montreuil, France
Bridging the Gap: A Selection of Nominees of the Marcel Duchamp Prize, Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing, China
Matters of Time, University of California Irvine Claire Trevor School of the Arts Gallery, Irvine, USA
Yellow Creature, Kunstmuseum Luzern, Lucerne, Switzerland
Mechanisms, CCA Wattis, San Francisco, USA
The Everywhere Studio, Institute for Contemporary Art Miami, Miami, USA
Jeux, rituels & récréations, Gare Saint Saveur, Lille, France
Au loin les signaux, al lou’lou, Chantier Naval Borg, Marseilles, France
Lodgers, Haus Modrath, Germany 
Afro-tech, HKMV Dortmund, Germany
Beloufa/Polke, Hic Svnt Dracones, New York, USA
Hausbesuch, Ludwig Museum, Köln, Germany
100% La Villette, Paris, France
Emotional Supply Chains, Zabludowicz Collection, London, United Kingdom
The World in 2015, Ullens Center of Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing
Ten Rooms, Three Loggias and a Hall, Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany
AVATAR AND ATAVISM, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany
Transparencies, Bielefelder Kunstverein, Bielefeld, Germany
YARAT Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
Cultivating Culture, ICASTICA, Arezzo, Italy
Neil Beloufa, Julien Creuzet: Scroll infini, La Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec, France
Exhibition of the 4 Marcel Duchamp Prize nominated artists, Carré d’Art Contemporain de Nimes, Nîmes, France
Future Generation Art Prize‭, ‬Victor Pinchuk Fundation‭, ‬Kiev‭, ‬Ukraine
Future Fictions from the Present‭, ‬Z33‭ ‬House for Contemporary Art in Hasselt‭, ‬Brussels
La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’objet‭, ‬École municipale des beaux-arts Galerie Édouard Manet de Gennevilliers‭, ‬France
La loutre et la poutre, Moly Sabata Fondation Albert Gleizes Sablons‭, ‬France‭
Le commerce de la parole, Musée départemental d'art contemporain de Rochechouart‭, ‬France
The Great Acceleration‭, ‬Taipei Biennial 2014‭, ‬Taiwan‭
Square(s‭), Francois Ghebaly‭, ‬Los Angeles‭, ‬USA
Fulfiment Centre‭, ‬N/V_PROJECTS‭, ‬London, United Kingdom 
Here and Elsewhere‭, ‬New Museum‭, ‬New York‭, ‬USA
Warm Math‭, ‬Film Center‭, ‬Nova York‭, ‬USA
The Disappearance of the fireflies‭, ‬Collection Lambert‭, ‬Avignon‭, ‬France
Order can not help you now‭, ‬ARGOS‭, ‬Brussels, ‬Belgium
Perspectives on Imaginary Futures, House of Electronic Arts, Basel‭, ‬Switzerland
UHF42-, Apexart‭, ‬New York‭, ‬USA‭
Giving contours to shadow‭, ‬‬Neuer Berliner Kunstverein and SAVVY Contemporary‭, ‬Berlin‭, ‬Germany
To See What is Coming‭, ‬Largo das Artes‭, ‬Rio de Janerio‭, ‬Brazil
The stuff that dreams are made of too‭, ‬c-l-e-a-r-i-n-g‭, ‬New York‭, ‬USA
2‭ ‬solo shows and 1‭ ‬screening‭, ‬Fri Art‭, ‬Centre d’Art Contemporain‭, ‬Friburgo‭, ‬Switzerlands
Memory Palaces, Carlier Gebauer‭, ‬Berlin‭, ‬Germany
Geographies Of Contamination‭, ‬The David Roberts Arts Fondation‭, ‬London‭, ‬Ubited Kingdom 
Derrière‭, ‬après les chutes‭, ‬c-l-e-a-r-i-n-g‭, ‬Brussels‭, ‬Belgium
Oracular Vernacular‭, ‬MaMo‭, ‬Marselha‭, ‬France
Solar‭, ‬High Line Art‭, ‬New York‭, ‬USA
Dissident Futures‭, ‬Yerba Buena Center of the Arts‭, ‬San Francisco‭, ‬USA
Residence Secondaire‭, ‬MaMo‭, ‬Marselha‭, ‬France
12ème Biennale de Lyon‭, ‬Entre-temps‭, ‬Brusquements‮…‬‭ ‬et ensuite, Lyon, France
The Unicorn, The Power station‭ / ‬Cleveland Art Museum‭, USA
Image Employment, MoMA PS1‭, ‬New York‭, ‬USA
55th Venice Biennale‭, ‬The Encyclopedic Palace‭, ‬Venice, ‬Italy
Triennale der Kleinplastik‭, ‬Fellbach‭, ‬Germany 
Screens‭, ‬Murray Guy‭, ‬New York‭, ‬USA
Mécaniques Des Fluides‭, ‬Galerie Cécile Fakhoury‭, ‬Abidjan‭, Ivory Coast
Unruhe der Form‭. ‬Entwürfe des politischen Subjekts‭, ‬Wiener Secession‭, ‬Austria
Better home‭, ‬Sculpture Center‭, ‬New York‭, ‬USA
The French Haunted House‭, ‬SongEun Artspace‭, ‬Seoul‭, ‬South Korea
No One Leaves Here‭, ‬Royal College Of Art‭, ‬London, United Kingdom 
Fruits De La Passion‭, ‬Centre George Pompidou‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬France
Love is colder than capital‭, ‬Kunsthaus Bregenz‭, ‬Bregenz‭, Austria
Beloufa‭, ‬Bourouissa‭, ‬Binet‭, ‬Galleria Zero‭, ‬Milan‭, ‬Italy
En Plein Air, Henry Art Gallery‭, ‬Seattle‭, ‬USA
11th Baltic triennale‭, ‬CAC‭, ‬Vilnius‭, ‬Lithuania
Deep Space‭, ‬Francois Ghebaly Gallery‭, ‬Los Angeles‭, ‬USA
Remainder‭, ‬Hillary Crisp Gallery‭, ‬London, United Kingdom 
Superpower‭: ‬Africa in Science Fiction‭, ‬Arnolfini Contemporary Art center‭, ‬Bristol‭, ‬United Kingdom 
Intense Proximity‭, ‬La Triennale de Paris‭, ‬Palais de Tokyo‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬France
Los Pasos Perdidos‭, ‬Galerie Andreas Huber‭, ‬Vienna‭, ‬Austria
Le Retour‭, ‬Musée d’Art Moderne d’Alger‭, ‬Algers‭, ‬Algeria
2001‭, ‬2011‭, ‬Soudain Déjà‭, ‬Beaux Arts‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬France
Spacecraft Icarus 13‭, ‬BAK‭ -‬Basis Voor Actuele Kunst‭, ‬Ultrecht‭, ‬The Netherlands
Untitled‭ (‬Evidence‭), ‬David Roberts Foundation‭, ‬London, United Kingdom 
Museum of Display‭, ‬Extra City‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Kunsthal Antwerp‭, Antwerp, ‬Belgium
The Normal Condition For Any Communication‭, ‬Gallery TPW‭, ‬Toronto‭, ‬Canada
Rituels‭, ‬Fondation d’entreprise Ricard‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬France
Impression‭, ‬Soleil‭, ‬6B‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬France
Idéal‭ #‬13‭, ‬Espace Croisé‭, ‬Roubaix‭, ‬France
Eattopia‭, ‬Hong-Gah Museum‭, ‬Taipei, Taiwan 
Group Show‭, ‬Gallery Balice Hertling and Lewis‭, ‬New York‭, ‬USA
Yet to be titled‭, ‬Gaudel de Stampa‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬France
Sympathetic Magic‭: ‬Video Myths and Rituals‭, ‬Armory Center for the Arts‭, ‬Pasadena‭, ‬USA
Manifesta 8‭, ‬Murcia‭, ‬Espanha‭
Police the Police, Biennale of young Artists, Bucharest, Romania. Curator Mihaela Gherghescu. 
Panorama, Salon 1.618/ Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France. Curator Lauranne Germmond.
Videonale 12, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany  
In search of the unknown, The Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Curator Petra Heck
The Gatekeepers, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, USA. Curator Eric Heist.
Prague International Triennial of Contemporary Art, “Re-reading the future”, Czech Republic.  Curators N. Hénon, J-F. Rettig
Nothing at the end of the lane, The Soap factory, Minneapolis, USA.
Holy Holes: Absolute Stalls, Dumbo Art Centre, Brooklyn, USA. Curator Denise Carvalho
12th Biennial of moving images, Centre pour l’image contemporaine, Geneva, Switzerland

Julia stoschek, Düsseldorf
Centre George Pompidou, Paris
Sammlung Goetz, Munich
David Roberts Arts Fondation, London.
Fondation Francès,  Senlis
François Pinault Collection
MoMA, New York, USA
K11 Foundation
MART Museum, Rovereto, Italy

Neïl Beloufa 20xx
Neïl Beloufa Superlatives and Resolutions